If It’s Between You and Me

If it’s between you and me,
You jerk, I want you dead.
You, depression, fucking de-
mon, I’d cut off your head.

I am done talking to you,
Waster of my time, my mind,
But others have to fight you.
Maybe they’re fighting blind.

I think anger is fuel.
Anger can stay right here.
It helps when life’s living hell,
To not focus on fear.

If it were left up to me
No one would suffer this
But if it just has to be,
Battle your nemesis!

I will stay right here with you.
Stay right here with me, please,
Maybe we can’t win, it’s true,
But please, fight the disease.

You friends all encourage me
It’s the least I can do
To support while struggling
And encouraging you.

If it’s between me and you,
Maybe we can win.  Who knows?
Wrestling the enemy
While our shared friendship grows.


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