Country Music Day

It’s a country music day.  Not like that.  Sucks that it rained last night, which delays my Saturday yard work, but on a whim I thought I’d look up some violin music hidden in country songs, maybe I can play along.  Thinking how nice a beer would be at 11:15?

I’ve got the country channel on, heard some nice Zac Brown, and randomly, Lynyrd Skynyrd, is that even country?  There’s no violin or fiddle in Lynyrd Skynyrd.  But violin today, and country violin, is what I want.  It peeks out, a coy smile that sometimes realizes its beauty and then shines brightly, right there, in the middle of the song.

Laundry is in progress.  Dishes are washed and it’s almost time for lunch.  I skipped breakfast, and just had coffee and toast and jam.  I’ll just have leftover breakfast for lunch.


So I didn’t have the beer, I can’t mow because it’s too wet, I can only be productive (or not) inside the house.  So since I can’t do what I want, maybe it IS like that.  Breakfast was good though. At noon.  It’s the right time.  Maybe whiskey is what will set my country music day off right.

I am enjoying the country music though.


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