Top 10 Reasons Politics is Stupid

10 – I’m old enough and cynical enough to see, but many of those who are alive and remain are young, foolish, blind, and brainwashed into either believing, or ignoring, the lies
9 – The media is busy with either entertainment or spin. They claim to be fair and impartial but they are about amplifying or ridiculing the humorous quirk or charm (entertainment) or amplifying or downplaying the scandal (spin) depending on who they want us to think we want to elect.
8 – The voters are exposed to so much spin they’re too dizzy to vote with their brains.
7 – The politicians all have skeletons in their closets, or, if they don’t, the majority is told to think they’re weird.
6 – So much of what talks to politicians (and voters) is money and fad and spin, not constituency and tradition and truth
5 – All the leftover candidates are worthless leftovers: inept, scandalous, dishonest, spun by their handlers
4 – The press announces how the leftovers have spoiled, but only after it’s too late to pick a good one.  Sometimes we miss the first couple of announcements. It seems like we do it on purpose.
3 – Good people who we should & might elect to do good service never run for office
2 – If they run, we ridicule them and don’t vote for them because
1 – The majority are Blind, Pathetic, Stupid, Starving. The majority accepts what they’re told to accept, and vote for whomever they’re told to vote for by the “fair and impartial” news media.
0 – (I know, this makes 11 reasons) We don’t even elect the president, that’s done by the electoral college, so if you don’t vote the way the money says you should vote, they can still put their candidate in the White House.
Go ahead, I’m sure you have reasons to add to my reasons.  I wish I could have labelled this a humor piece. ~Deon


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