Writing Prompt # 19

https://purpldragon.wordpress.com/ gave a prompt and I am responding to it with this.  I suppose it’s been done before, but here’s my take on the story:

Writing Prompt # 19   It wasn’t her fault her brother was a klutz and pulled her down the hill with him when he fell.

Jack. Jill. He was an idiot, a showboat, playing up there on the edge, and she grabbed his hand to steady him when he went off balance and started to fall. He pulled her over and she immediately went to her tumbling mode, recovering quick. He continued to fall, believing this was the end. He had just purchased, and begun drinking, his bottle from the soft purple cloth sack. She practically dove after her idiot brother, to slow his descent, but even with her efforts, the bottle was shattered. At least Jack didn’t die. This was just the latest of his exploits, having already singed his backside jumping over candles. LIT candles, for heaven’s sake! Reaching the bottom of the hill, she sent him to bed, and when he awoke with a hangover and lamentations from the broken bottle, including a few cuts from the glass, she immediately dressed the cuts and put an ice pack, with aromatic vinegar dripped on it for the nausea, on his head. Sadly she could only find a small paper sack for the ice. “You’ll be fine, Jack. Just lay off the liquor for a while. Please. I’m tired of saving your ass. And of putting it out when it’s on fire.”


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