Et lux in tenebris

“Professing themselves to be wise, they were fools.” (Romans 1:22)

The true genius was that they were smart enough to realize their own mortality.  Selection and training had to be quick, so the students selected as successors had to be brilliant. Grooming began as early as pre-school, and those with the potential were tested for certain desirable attributes:  genius, first.  subtlety, second, and third, well-moderated ruthlessness.  We concealed ourselves among the common, hiding in plain sight.  At the mid-levels, a few revealed their foolishness with vanity and were then used as pawns to advance the greater agenda.  At the highest levels, those with the insight to realize it was all an illusion, advanced.  And it was all an illusion.

Rank is meaningless except as a means to an end: sorting those who are compliant from those who are cunning.  Power is also a means to sort those whose ego was too easily stroked from those who knew what to do with it.  And money is an illusion too, except for those too poor to advance, those rich enough to expose their vanities, and the rabble in between.  With power, one doesn’t need such trivialities.

The idiots who advanced just far enough to nearly expose the real truth were either distracted and sent on specifically engineered wild-goose chases, or were silenced in other ways.  Sudden poverty and powerlessness led some to madness, as sudden wealth led others to a different madness.  Those who say we exist will always be looked upon with concern, and pity, or ridicule.  Those who wonder will never prove themselves worthy.  Clumsy investigations are easily stopped, or led on dead-end pathways.

The rumors will persist, as they have for centuries, but nothing will ever be proven.  We allow ourselves to be eclipsed, with the greater vision in mind.  When one of us dies, another takes that seat.  The engineering of society has taken a long time to reach the present age, and we continue to labor for the vision to be complete.

Movements have come and gone, religions and cults, political parties, nations, and subversions.  We admire them, with pity, for their wisdoms laboring so to rise above the general foolishness, and for their ultimate failure.  Even the so-called “Illuminati” is just another distraction for conspiracy theorists to chase their own tails.

We are not the light.  We are the darkness behind the light.


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