Fuck Yeah, It’s Friday, or, The Simple Dreams of the Married Man, 5/6/2016, Deon Mumple

Fuck Yeah, It’s Friday, sorry, not sorry, I just needed to say it.
Tomorrow is Saturday and today I’m completely exhausted.
Shave, shower, sleep, maybe snore, I wouldn’t know, I’m gone

Maybe tomorrow I’ll have a bit of extra energy
Or maybe I can stay in bed, we’ll just have to wait and see,
I might write tomorrow celebrating at the crack of dawn

I might clean house, waste time, or sleep like a stone,
Or drink a bit, something festive,relaxing from my throne
Because, hooray, tomorrow I don’t have to mow the lawn

Maybe I’ll be awakened by my hot flirtatious wife
It’s good to have a hope, a dream, and I’ll admit that I’ve
Dreamed this dream and hoped this hope while life’s been hard and long

What if she says no? Fuck you, just let me dream and put my wish in,
Bet Schrödinger wanted to open a box and find that quantum superposition.



(You can have a cat in the box if you want, I want what I want, not exactly a cat, and according to the theory, it’s either in there or not, and until I open it it just might be in there.)


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