My Life as a Troll

My Life as a Troll, 5/5/2016, Deon Mumple

I’m a troll in a nonstandard sense,
Get too close and see my defense,
I wish I could drop it and let everything go
But my heart knows what’s right, and tells me “no,”
At least I’m trying to be true and faithful,
But life isn’t letting my life be so dull
I’m a troll because I look around,
And I see what I see and like what I’ve found,
My eyes and mind wander, I readily confess,
My heart dreams about you and that dress,
Your mind, your eyes, your soul, those curves,
I’m a troll hiding behind my disguise,
Husband, father, et cetera, half truth, half lies,
All the while wishing I could encourage and serve,
And somehow earn a special trolling permit,
To win what I want: your heart, your wit,
And then I hate myself while loving others,
My heart and my mind should only be hers,
And why can’t I win what I want at home?
Taken for granted, used, and left alone.
I’m a troll and I know I’m to blame:
The fool choosing wisely but still losing the game.


5 thoughts on “My Life as a Troll

    1. You don’t know what I want, if I can’t have what I really want. It’s how guys who can’t get a home-cooked “meal” sometimes decide a little “fast food” might not be bad if you know what I mean. It makes me a troll-in-training. Or feel like one.

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      1. Wanting the forbidden fruit is kind of a programmed response in our species, doncha think? Looking is free, desiring is free. Touching is what costs ya.
        You may feel like a troll in training but I stand by my assessment that you are very good man.

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  1. yeah forbidden fruit lol I guess you’re right. and I know, you eat the wrong fast food and you might die of a heart attack. or murder. so, I take it home and stay alive. but leave me starving to death long enough and I feel dead. Forbidden fruit, it looks marvelous, doesn’t it…?


  2. My dear dear friend DM. (I’m going with honesty because my klonopin had kicked in) You are a living and devoted husband and father who is so very UNDER appreciated and is just looking for a little appreciation amongst the wretched. You are under valued as an employee and a husband and you put in TWICE as much work as others because of that lovely little pest depression. Looking at others when we aren’t appreciated or valued goes back to finding a suitable mate in which to provide offspring. We all desire and look. When you cross the line of acting on those, then you get into the deep doo doo.
    Now, i personally think that as much as you love honor and adore your wife, there’s not a damn thing wrong with telling her, “Babe, just let me know I’m appreciated.” *or Sass will have to come to her friends defense and bring her chaos. Not really, but maybe. Blame the klonopin* Hang in there DM. You’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and dog gone it, people like you!

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