Purgato Domum

Purgato Domum, 4/27/2016, Deon Mumple

I worked as swiftly as I could, entering the location,
Feeling energies that seemed to bloom,
I lit my candle, cleansed the room, and spoke the incantation:
“Mundus bene facit domum suam.*
And thusly moved, feeling delight, each victory, elation,
Humming a tune I went from room to room.
When finished all, I stood up tall, and poured a cold libation,
Then put away sprays, towels and vacuum.

(*A clean home makes a happy wife (when her husband cleans it).)

5 thoughts on “Purgato Domum

  1. You truly are a gem. All I ever asked of my exes was if I did all housework for 6 days. they help out on a day off so I could have a break. Of course, they made me feel like the most controlling, demanding beast on earth.
    I hope Mrs M knows how lucky she is.

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    1. why you horrible human being!! how could you ask that?! (snicker, snort!!) no, I’m not a gem, I’m a controlling, demanding bitch. unless I’m not depressed. which, I am. so sorry, no winner this round. and I rarely get my demands met, which just makes me a bigger bitch. pass the ice cream please.

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