Love-Coloured Glasses

Love-Coloured Glasses, 4/27/2016, Deon Mumple

In my daydreams you look at me like I look at you,
Like I looked at you when we were younger,
All I see now is disappointment, I’m blue,
You’re busy wishing I was wiser, stronger,

I wish I could be the perfect guy too,
All I wish is that when you looked, you saw in me
The same admiring, the way that I admire you,
I do love you and I’m trying, why can’t you see?

And when I look without the love-coloured glasses,
I get to see you honestly, tired, changing and aging,
You’re failing at granting my hopes, my dream smashes
You leave me alone, lonely, let down, and raging,

After asking me to do something nice for you.
Let me put those glasses back on, it’s a better view.

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