I Wish That I Could Clone Myself

I Wish That I Could Clone Myself, 4/20/2016, Deon Mumple

I wish that I could clone myself and give my selves away
I’d keep a few to mow the grass and clean the house all day
Fix the drywall, take the kids to the mall,
Drive to the store, and so much more,
Except I know I’m frustrating despite my varied skills,
If it’s all genetic the clones still couldn’t pay the bills,

The clones would all see life’s too hard and selfish people rule
They might surrender like I do sometimes, I’m such a tool,
Pour me a drink, so I won’t think
Life really sucks, things fall apart
On second thought maybe cloning is not the best of plans,
If only someone else could help me wash dishes and pans!

(I’m sure Fox owns the copyright to this image, brought to us by the creative genius that is Seth Woodbury MacFarlane.)

(image borrowed from the following brilliant blog, presuming fair use:  https://charltonhestonsvest.wordpress.com/2009/11/27/bitch-peyton/)

4 thoughts on “I Wish That I Could Clone Myself

  1. I have a ringtone of Stewie saying, “Mom, mom, mom, mum, mommy, LOIS.”
    Spook doesn’t like it. She fails to draw the parallel.

    I want a clone to do the housework. I can raise the kid. I can take care of the cats, mow the lawn, put oil in the car, pay the bills, get the groceries…But keeping up on housework or keeping my kid entertained…
    Bring on the clones.

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      1. Ha, my death trap wiring is so FUBAR, I have all sorts of lights on my dash. Some days they’re new ones or a new combination.
        I am comforted that R thinks it’s “okay” to drive it anyway.


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