420, 4/20/2016, Deon Mumple

Today I don’t care that that today’s four twenty,
I don’t care where or how you want to spend your money,
If you like to do something that’s your harmless fun.
Just don’t oblige me and don’t hurt anyone.

Today I don’t care if you’re self-indulgent,
I don’t care about preference of personal scent,
Just don’t make me smell it or break any laws
That’s my preference, you’re free to root for your cause

I don’t care what you do, choose your own little vice,
But don’t hurt anyone, that’s my only advice,
All I want is to be left alone to have mine,
I might have some vodka, or maybe some wine.

It’s just sad that the laws “to protect us” can hurt
Or restrict us from things that we think we deserve
They land harmless people in jail, to spite plenty
Better things they could do with my hard-earned tax money.

When it’s legally bought,
Or until you get caught,
Go blaze your (C.) sativa
This is America.
For freedom you’re free,
‘Til your freedom hurts me.


4 thoughts on “420

    1. apparently I don’t have a credit score, and the last credit check bolluxed up what I had if I had one before. I need NEED to win the lottery, or have some other miraculous financial intervention. And you deserve to win too. I hope we both win our own jack-pot-s. 😉 I don’t smoke it either, but IDGAF if anyone else wants to.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Meh, if people wanna be braindead entertainment for me, I say…go with pot.
        Seriously, that stuff just makes me stupid so I don’t use it.
        I am, however, pretty committed to the idea of introducing boxed wine with a huge straw taped to the side.
        I didn’t say I was perfect. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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