Alien, 4/12/2016, Deon Mumple

Look out from my telescope, hear the radio blare
Static and the alien, flying far out there
Flying undetected, straight for Earthen soils,
Everyone’s too busy with personal toils.

Look out from my doorway, fear and trembling there,
On my doorstep, alien’s returning my stare.
Poor thing has crash-landed, he looks unhappy,
What’s he think I can do?  Can’t even help me.

Look out at a stranger, one who often cries,
Unshaven and unkempt, dirt, dark-circled eyes,
Can’t escape the planet, can’t settle his score,
Telescope nor doorway, he’s in my mirror.

Look out from my mirror, is that really me,
Fading before my eyes, to invisibility?
Living undetected, no one cares at all.
No one sees the alien; he is far too small.

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