Counterfeit, 4/9/2016, Deon Mumple

It’s counterfeit but it’s better than nothing at all,
Wishing for true love, hoping to finally fall,
She, a vision of sublime beauty, in absolute self-doubt,
He, caught in desperate chaos, to the world cast out.

He needs a hero just as much as she needs one,
The world wonders why she doesn’t just run.

She could have anyone but instead she has a heart,
And hopes to help by giving love.  He looks funny and smart
But darkness hides behind a smile.  She thinks it’s real.
She worries only about his needs, sees his hopeless appeal.

He needs a hero and she wants to win,
Her light eclipses the dark that empties him

He wants control of everything, but settles for controlling her,
He says he loves her, wanting to believe, a wolf wearing sheep’s fur,
She says she loves him, but wishes he would change,
He says sweet words, which makes the beatings seem strange.

She needs a hero who persuades with unselfish love,
He needs a salvation he can only dream of

Does she deserve to suffer under his controlling rage?
Does he deserve a world of feeling trapped in his mind’s cage?
Oh, when it’s good, it’s so very good.  Could anything be better?
Counterfeit love: for him, control, for her, a scarlet “letter.”

–authors note:  Because of the connotation to adultery  in the words “Scarlet Letter,” from the famous novel, I felt I should clarify, I used scarlet “letter,” not to suggest any kind of issue with her relationship, but to imply the image of her bruising, as his branding her. I also wanted to convey his early feelings of abandonment in “to the world cast out.”  I think domestic abuse is one of the worst things Satan ever gave the world and I wish there were never anyone hurt by sadistic big-little-boys who never learned to control their emotions when they can’t control their world.  In any relationship we are supposed to protect and support and truly love one another, but some people’s hearts are just twisted evil things.  And some are just profoundly alone even when they are with other people, like I feel sometimes.

Love One Another.


One thought on “Counterfeit

  1. Disgusted tidbit about domestic abuse…It wasn’t even made illegal til the late 60’s as women and children were considered a man’s property thus…He was not abusing what he owned.

    That is just such a wonderful bit of American history to make us all proud.

    You, my friend, give me hope in humanity.


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