If I said I started this 3/22 does it count for yesterday?

Back to “Go, ” 3/22-4/6/2016, Deon Mumple

I want to start again, go back to “Go,”
Except I’m lost and too far gone,
It’s been a long time since I heard the starting gun,
And all my prayers are answered “No.”

How did Job pass the Devil’s test?
When can I get a little rest?
How do I get a life that isn’t messed?

If I were Job I’d tell my “friends” where they could go
Except I know they’d be right saying I’m wrong
Not saying sin doesn’t sometimes seem quite fun,
It’s just that in my heart,  it’s not right, I know.

So maybe that’s why the answer I get
Is either “no” or “not yet”
And when God and I are alone, I feel regret.

Grace isn’t an easy concept to understand
Every day I ask to be forgiven for sin
We are so imperfect, His mercy in high demand
Good thing God is infinite, isn’t it?


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