Fried Air

Fried Air, 4/6/2016, Deon Mumple

When I woke up, there on the breeze,
Don’t judge me; I smelled sausage grease,
Eggs in butter, rosemary’s tease,
Bacon, fried potatoes garlic, leeks,

Soon gyros mixed the atmosphere
Onion, roast beef and pepper, beer,
Lemonade, cotton candy, elephant ear
Fried turkey drumsticks! My eye felt a tear,

Could not believe what I whiffed then
Hot, buttered corn hung in the air!
Was I in heaven? I sniffed again,
Then I remembered: we’re at the Fair!

(It’s more a daydream because I’m just hungry right now.  If I succeeded you’re hungry too.  The Fair won’t happen for another six months.  And I won’t go because it costs so much and I won’t likely endure the crowds.  But I sure could go for a full English breakfast and a spot of tea.)


14 thoughts on “Fried Air

    1. I left off certain other smells on purpose. I have pleasant memories of the midway when I was a kid, and I love animals but sometimes the 4H or FFA “displays…” (Fhwheeewww!). I have endured the Fair as an adult, for my kids, although the crowds are disturbing to me, and now one has to watch for picked pockets. I am surprised to find as an adult I still like the music, over the bad Public Address system. You’d think in the modern day the quality of sound would be better, but not so much. And I’m grateful the lights don’t bother me.

      I’m very glad I invited good memories back into your head! Thank you!

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    1. Yes, I honestly have this recurring daydream: I wake up in England at a posh hotel, with nowhere I have to be, at around 9:30 or so. I’m in my pajamas, slippers and a thick, long bathrobe. I ring up the concierge and they bring us the whole affair, with biscuits and black coffee to round it out. And I brought a good book or three to read quietly while breaking my fast. (I dream some amazing daydreams.)

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      1. Well, they haven’t cast me yet, but there’s time. Let Capaldi have his day. I’ve a friend who wants the role as well, with Hayley Atwell as his companion, but I’d take you along. I suspect the box only LOOKS bigger on the inside, might be a bit cramped for actual filming, but fun. Watch your HANDS, Miss! 😀

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    1. What’s not to appreciate? I spotted Karen Gillan a few times on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, charming. (He was once in a punk band with Capaldi) But my favorite companions were Leela, from an age and a half ago and more recently, Alex Kingston, Catherine Tate, and Freema Agyeman. Who can pick just one? Wait, am I “fan-boy-ing?”

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