April, (Acrostic), 4/1/2016, Deon Mumple

As the storm clouds gather and surround our town
Bearing down with wind and hail
Circle rain drops drown the soil, the silent ground
Dead seeds fail to feel the gale

Electricity falls, bright, up to the sky
Fleeting bursts of energy
Greet the clouds gruffly, it makes them cry and cry.
Here I sit , watch quietly.

In destructive, military lines they come
Just like soldiers on the march
Killing unsuspecting victims one by one
Leave behind a carnage, harsh

My family, spared yet again, God be praised,
Now that the storm passed us by.
Our home is battered, flowerbed puddled, dazed.
Peace, an atmospheric sigh,

Quiet, hiding sun takes a wary peek, then,


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