What a Crucifix Means to Me

Rome killed
On crosses
Some  still
Can legally
Crucify their “criminals” in the modern day,
Believe it or not, just as barbaric as Rome was.
But why was the crucifixion of Jesus so special?
Well, all the
Others who
Were killed
In this way
Dead. But
Jesus was
One very
Victim of
The cross.
We fill our
Graves up
And they
Stay full,

But Jesus
Only rented
His grave for
Three Days.


2 thoughts on “What a Crucifix Means to Me

  1. I am pretty open about my lack of religious belief as far as organized religions go…But I must admit, reading your interpretation of the Bible and such and how you word things so I can put it into perspective…It’s definitely educational, rather than making me defensive like forcefed religion does. Thanks for that.

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  2. I figure people are smart enough to decide for themselves, I just put it out there with gritty honesty about my own experience, which isn’t always rosepetals and blue skies. thanks for your honesty and for bothering to take the time to read, sometimes I wonder how offputting my beliefs are but I love my faithful (LOL!!!!) followers. 😉 The links on my poem have either good music videos or research stuff I thought was interesting. My favorite band today is Third Day. I kind of look like the lead singer, only …much more handsome of course. Hahahahahahaha! Happy Easter!


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