The Quest for Relevance

Admit it.  You want to make a difference in the world.  You want to be somebody.  You see things that are wrong in the world and you want to fix them, but you ask yourself, and everyone else, “What can I do?  I’m only one person.”

That, reader, is a cop-out.   I know you don’t think you can, but I know you can.  We can all do something, no matter how small it is, and end up making a huge difference in the world, even if it only makes a difference to one person.  And because we can, we should.

If one of us were feeling suicidal, the community I know would rally around the person with supportive words, hugs, whatever, and we would beg them not to take that drastic action because that person matters.  If one of us were depressed, we would surround with encouragement and attempts to cheer.  If one of us were manic, we’d reach out, validating them in their experience of reality.  Sometimes it’s humor, sometimes it’s telling our own story in our own words.   We support each other and we care about each other, that’s what community does.

I could tell you my own tale of woe and despair.  I could tell you a couple of reasons why I’m falling faster into yet another depressed season of my life.  I could tell you how much a friend’s article about his personal irrelevance resonated with my soul lat week.  But this  isn’t about me.   Today I’m irrelevant because I’ve chosen to say something that’s more important than I am today.  I dare you to participate in this meaningful caring event.  I believe you can make a difference.  I believe you can be relevant.

One of my friends is  going through a hard time and needs some help.  I posted the link this past week, I hoped the situation would be resolved by now.  I’ve seen worthy causes go up on the gofundme boards and I’ve seen the need met within a day.  So when I saw my friend, one of us, put her heart and her need up, I prayed and hoped.  I watched some generous souls posting donations, and I’ve promised to give myself, even though I’m broke.  I don’t even have a credit card.  But I gave the friend (who’s already donated more than he could, or should have) $5.  He donated already, anonymously so I won’t call him out, but he writes a blog that encourages me, and he made a tangible difference.  I figured out something I could go without, and I’ve gone without.  And now, life as normal because I managed for a short time.  He said he’d deposit that and give it to my friend because she needs it, but if the goal is met he said he’d give me back my $5 for me to give to someone else.  Because $5 is a couple of cups of coffee, I got some at work and skipped a few out.  For some people $5 is ONE cup of coffee.  But it can go a long way if someone else needs help.

If I can scrape up five bucks, so can a few others.  So I challenge you to be relevant this week.  Make yourself count, even if just for one other person.  If you’ve ever heard of it, there’s this social movement people are all into called “pay it forward,” where you do something nice for someone and don’t tell.  You can be anonymous in your donation, I would rather have been anonymous but I’m tooting her horn because I don’t know where she is emotionally, and what’s important to me is I just want her to be encouraged, to know the community cares about her.  If you can’t donate, pass the link around to your twitter or blogger circles, and ask your other communities to pitch in.  $5, times 200 people who matter, or if you can give a little more, just please show her you care.  $10 times 100, and the goal is done.  She’s got about a third of what she has asked for.  We’re her community, and it’s what we should do, because we can.

If you like tooting your horn you can donate and put your name on it, it all counts.  If you like giving in secret you can donate anonymously and she’ll be the only one who knows.  She won’t tell if you don’t.  But she’ll be grateful.

It would be really wonderful to me if you make me give my $5, truly anonymously to someone else because you decided to make a difference, and be relevant to my friend, and make my $5 unnecessary to her.  I’ll let you know if I can give it to someone else, I’ll be so thrilled that instead of giving and someone (her) knowing who I am, if I can give it to someone else, and keep it my little secret.  At the risk of self-aggrandizement I’ll only tell you that I did it anonymously, I won’t tell you where it went.

Please, just listen.  You should know this friend is someone who writes brilliantly, whom I’ve never met in person, but she’s become an important part of my life because of her writing.  Because of her story.  She matters to me.  And so do you.

Here’s the link:

Here’s her wonderful blog.

Read her blog and you may even find you adore her as much as I do, sight unseen.  Don’t let her language put you off, fellow Christ-followers. (She swears sometimes… but then, if you already read MY shitty little rag of a blog, hers may be a bright spot by comparison) She’s smart.  She’s funny.  She’s interesting.  She cares, genuinely, about other people. She’s really quite special.  I bet you’ll agree.

Thank you for your help.


5 thoughts on “The Quest for Relevance

  1. Thanks for this, I am truly touched.
    And unfortunately, I am gonna have to keep the fundraiser up and going because I got more bad news about other problems the car has which will….cost money.

    On a side note…I don’t swear much.
    Yeah, I couldn’t even type that with a straight face. Stupid c(l)ockweasel brain. (Is clockweasel less offensive?) 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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