Hostage Situation

I’ve completed chapter 2 of my novel, but I’m not publishing it until another goal is met. Somebody gave like a couple hundred dollars.  Someone else gave a pony.  (It’s an expression, and I mean in dollars, not in pounds or flesh)  And I found out to my surprise, that one of my friends gave $10 and he’s almost as broke as I am.  His wife controls the money, keeps them on a tight budget, so I’m worried the money came out of his gas tank.  He’s going to look funny riding his daughter’s bicycle down the road to work and back. (Ding!  Ding!)

I said it and I’m keeping my promise.

I wrote over two thousand words, so for the low, low price of less than $0.50 a word, one really good thing, and one other… thing, will be accomplished.  The one really good thing is my friend morgueticiaatoms will be, at least for the moment, released from being under the thumb of family drama, for which she probably needs anti-nausea and anti-emetic medications on top of the other meds she has to take.

The one other thing, which I’m hesitant to call “good,” is, that I can publish chapter 2 and the world will see what a real-life hack of a writer writes like.  There’s character development, plot enrichment, all the things you’d expect of a novel, and the quality rating is up to the readers.  But even though my story isn’t really a mystery, it’s a mystery to the readers until a bunch of readers pony up a little dough.  Go on, ante up and you can see my cards.

Here’s the table where you toss in your chips:


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