Please Help My Blogger Friend

I have 157 bloggers who, WordPress asserts, follow my blog.  And I know, many of you have challenges far worse than mine.  But could I turn your attention away from my “wonderful” blog full of my complaints about little things that don’t matter, for a few moments, please?  Or, as Eminem begins,

“May I have your attention please?!”

(source: Eminem – The real slim shady by silue200)

OK, A.D.D., that’s just about enough of that kind of distraction.

If you have half a heart, turn left here and read this blogger’s post.  And please help her if you are able to help.  I’m not sure what the minimum donation is, but if you can, please donate, and if you can, please pass the word to your friends and followers, until 156 becomes 312 and 312 becomes 624 and 624 becomes 1,248 and the need is met.

Thank you for your kindness.  In spite of what the world often deals out, in spite of my lack of faith in the world, political systems, politicians, several religions, modern culture and education and just about everyone and everything else, I can confidently say that several of you who just read, or read and comment, are gracious souls.  And now, you can prove me right.

Click here to do something truly miraculous- be the miracle:

And, here is a virtual platinum spork award to the first thousand donors.  OK, sorry, not an award.  An appropriate T-shirt design: 


3 thoughts on “Please Help My Blogger Friend

  1. For every dollar I see contributed to this fund I will add two words to my novel in progress until her goal is reached, and I will publish what is written, in chapter form, when her goal is reached. Don’t even, because for a short season of life I used to write for $0.35 a word. This is only a tiny raise in salary, and you’re donating it to my friend. That’s right, I’m holding chapter 2 hostage until you and your connections all get together in support of morgueticiaatoms. If you ever want to see chapter 2 alive again, leave the money in small unmarked bills here: . I may get verbose enough to write more than that, if you and yours and theirs and theirs are a source of encouragement to me, and more importantly, to her. 3.2.1. Go.


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