Lost and Found Truth and Love

How long is forever when something is lost?
How tragic, perception of beauty?  What cost!
We strive for impossible, perfection flaunts
How foolish, an image everyone else wants,
While we are lost and forgotten behind,

The real me is this one, under my disguise,
There’s no reason to hide, under any lies,
No makeup, no fancy clothes, nothing at all,
And no verbal filter, true feelings stand tall,
But in life true freedom’s harder to find.

So many are beautiful, thinking they’re not,
But why do they think this? Where is this lie taught?
And you are beautiful, too, you, sight unseen,
I don’t have to look to know; liars are mean,
I know these truths although my love is blind.

You, fragile child, are a creation of God,
I see your inner strength, your survivor’s scars,
The world only takes from you, so let me give
The truth back to you: You are Beauty. You live.
Liars will lie, and their lies are unkind.

But I speak the truth from behind safety’s wall,
You are the most beautiful you under all
The defenses you’ve built to protect the lies
And God loves you. See yourself through loving eyes.


2 thoughts on “Lost and Found Truth and Love

  1. We internalize so much self-deception and so many sources tell us we’re not beautiful, we’re not good enough, we shouldn’t even try, why bother, give up. It’s tragic. And then for some reason we recite the lies back to the world and try to believe them for ourselves. I’m too fat, I’m too thin, I’ve got gray hair, I’ve got curly hair, I’ve got straight hair, I’ve got no hair, my skin is “bad,” I’m “bad,” and there’s nothing wrong with us. If we took away the lies we would see ourselves like God sees us, in truth and love. And beauty. I hope this poem will encourage you and shatter the strongholds any lies may have on you. Love, Deon


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