“Don’t Do Anything Drastic.”

I watched the Oscars last night just to see how the whole #OscarsSoWhite would pan out, hosted by Chris Rock.  He did a brilliant job, to a point.  A joke is funny a couple of times, but after I reached saturation, which happened too quick, (about 5 jokes was all I could take)  I was done.  So I already had a chip on my shoulder when the comedians did their little stupid bits inserting themselves into nominated movies.  It went on, and on, and on.  I’m sure the Academy got the message.

I’ve been told not to do anything drastic, unless I’ve thought it through.  So I haven’t deleted this blog or all my emails all at once or other drastic things with potential negative consequences.  But I’ve thought this one through and I did something drastic because I felt I was right.


When I finally started a Twitter account, I was following someone for a while, having been a fan of her work for lo these 30 years.  And then the Oscars happened and then her heart was revealed.  Maybe it was the chip already residing on my shoulder when I was done with hearing, ad infinitum, ad absurdum, that the Academy didn’t care about any actors unless they were white.  I think even the presenters were done with the angry jabs and the laughter and the tension, by the time the nomination for Best Original Song came up.  And then there was this:

Even in sexual assault performance art – damn

This tweet of course followed the piece the lovely Lady Gaga did in support of victims of rape, “Til it Happens to You.”  It upset me a lot, so today, after I considered it, I stopped following Jody.  Jody is showing me a lack of positive focus despite her morning tweet today,
2h2 hours ago

Wishing everyone a positive and great start to the week✨

For those without the interest to stay awake until after midnight to find out if Leo finally won, you can check them out for yourselves here:

I’m upset and I stopped following Jody on twitter, although I still like her music.

I’m upset.  Because all we as a society are doing is perpetuating the hatred.  And we just had another cop shooting another unarmed couple.  Fucking stop the hatred already.  Fucking stop the violence.  Fucking stop killing innocent people.  While we’re at it, can we stop the outright war, too?  Fucking IDIOTS.  These idiots, by and large, presume they have the right to do whatever the fuck they feel like doing, and they need to be stopped.  By any means necessary.

It’s true, you can quote me, I’ve said it before, “I hate everybody,” but it’s a literary device.  It’s called a fucking “joke” (usually).  So if you hate me for that, fuck you and fuck the people who taught you to hate people.  Racism, elitism, sexism, all the -isms have to be taught.  Most of the time, I hate everybody because I want to be left alone.  But hating people just for the sake of hating them, treating people like shit just because you want to and you can, or maybe even because you like to treat people like shit, is not civilized.  It’s barbaric, and that kind of person (sorry, maybe it’s a logical stretch for you but not for me) needs to be slaughtered like an animal, because they’re no better if they claim to not know better.  And it’s probably too late for their younglings, too.

We’ve known since  at least 1947, but probably a thousand or 5 earlier than that, that hatred has to be taught.  Well, 1949 if you count the opening on Broadway and 1958 (which is still almost sixty fucking years ago) if you count the movie based on the book and the musical:

Tales of the South Pacific by James Michener was sanitized for Broadway and for the movie “South Pacific,” by Rogers and Hammerstein.  James, Rogers and Hammerstein tried very hard to teach what should be an easy lesson.  When you plop kids into a daycare and they play, they understand the rules and they basically get along until someone wants to be selfish, and then all hell breaks loose.  There’s biting, hitting, kicking, crying, and yelling until an adult intervenes and reminds the two they have to behave like friends.  But until and unless the selfish child acts the ass, everybody gets along nicely.  I’ve seen it.  They learn hatred unless they are taught how to love first.

Sorry if you’re offended that my choice of music features white vocalists, not sorry, I love Mandy Patinkin so fuck you if you don’t like him because he’s white.  While you’re hating me, since I so love music, why don’t you suggest a song with a similar message by a singer of another color.  I bet I like the alternative.

It’s really a tragedy that in the modern era we have to live in fear of people who hate us for who we are, who want all our stuff, or want us dead or poor, or who just like to ruin our stuff, if we have any, or who hoard all the stuff and make life impossible for us unless we enslave ourselves to them.  It’s a real tragedy that while love covers a multitude of sins, very few people know how to do that.  It’s easier to just hate, isn’t it?  I don’t mind reading what you have to say if you’re logical and you’ve turned the other cheek and only gotten stung twice, or more, but without logic or reason, I can’t hack it.

It’s not too late Jody.  I still love your music.  I still care that your soul can be lost or saved.  It’s up to you to decide whether to perpetuate the hate, or to decide to love, and then to teach those who will follow you.  I won’t be taught to hate because I’m fucking stubborn, and I’m on a mission.

To the Academy, I sure hope you got the message.  We want inclusivity, we want you to show the love we have for brilliant actors like Kevin Hart, Halle Berry, Morgan Freeman, brilliant movies like Straight Outta Compton, and the unknown brilliant actors and movies we should have seen and might have missed because movies cost so much to attend, and the popcorn costs the same as gold, per ounce.  We shouldn’t need a “blacktors” category just to tell them.  Share the wealth.  Don’t hate.  Hate is bad.  We normal people like actors of any and all races if they’re talented, and there are a number of talented actors and actresses out there who should have at least been given a nomination and a shot at an award, and didn’t get that shot.

To the still-beautiful Ms. Watley, not that she gives half a shit whether one out of 91,600 followers doesn’t follow her tweets any more, I understand the anger– not saying I understand your experience, but I get the anger.  It’s justified, to a point.  But I hope you can find the grace to say something appropriate and perhaps even apologize to Stefani (Lady Gaga).  Your comment was rude to her and dismissive and disrespectful of her message.  You took out your anger on an innocent victim, who was only trying to share a message of hope and strength and love after trauma.  I’m sorry I reacted to your remarks with a chip on my shoulder, set up after multiple jabs and inappropriate remarks already made by other people, stacked up on each other to only further the message of hatred.  If there’s something to be hated, it’s hatred.  Not each other.  Everything else is a lie from the Devil.

Please make it right.  And when you do, I’ll delight to follow and admire you again.  But I can’t follow you if your heart is full of misdirected hate that splashes out like acid and hurts people who don’t deserve that treatment.  Like Lady Gaga. I wonder how she felt if she read the little snip, especially if she’s a fan.



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