And then, …

And then, after he finished (verbally) abusing the little girls, he turned his attentions back to little boys. (for legal reasons the above statement is not aimed at a specific individual or group of individuals, but if the shoe fits you should check into your local jail and confess, because it’s good for the soul.)


Somebody find me a girl scout, I’m hungry and I want a box of THIN MINTS!!!!!

I may not agree with everything the global girl scout organization, or boy scout organization, stands for, but I have a girl scout in the program.  She stands for her own values which disagree sometimes with mine.  In spite of this, I believe she stands to be an innocent victim of this discrimination if the church nationally starts taking this kind of hardline stance.  I believe she, and her troop, deserves the support of the community, as part of this service organization.  Her troop, and her service, have nothing to do with gender issues, and everything to do with doing good for the community.

I understand the posturing, but the way to teach someone about Jesus is to be hospitable, not slam the doors of the church and leave lost people out in the cold.  In my humble opinion, the Girl Scouts are doing a better job of demonstrating the love of Christ (although not specifically religiously affiliated), than this branch of the catholic church.

One thought on “And then, …

  1. I used to eat Thin Mints for four months a year during the selling season.
    I never once thought of feminism or religion while nomming on them.
    Once again, people have too much free time.


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