Paraclete’s Prayer

Out in the darkness, the rage is seething,
Ready to inflict more painful feelings,
Out of the darkness the rage calls me a friend,
How could I fall farther from perfection?
Why would I listen to the seduction?
This is a cycle I can’t break.  When does it end?

Strive for the light,
When I can fight,
I try to win my battle
I can’t break free,
Someone help me.
I hear my own death rattle.

“Your soul is mine, you should just surrender,
I taste the victory, sweet and tender
Why don’t you join me, come out to the darkness ?”
I hear the voices, screaming in terror,
Think to myself, does anyone care, or,
Are we alone with the voices in our heads?

“I am your friend,
You can depend
On darkness, all you really need.
Just trust in me,
Why can’t you see,
Past how I cut and make you bleed?”

Look to the light, I am chained in darkness,
I need a Saviour!  Come! Won’t You please bless
Me with the keys to freedom to follow You?
So much evil, I’m completely mired,
I trapped myself, why am I inspired,
To pray in hope I can care for others too?

Look to the light
My soul in flight
But I’m still helpless in these chains,
Kneeling to pray,
I’d cry today,
If my eyes could still make tears…

Listening.  I hear lies.
See you hurt, my soul cries.
Watching you suffering.
What comfort can I bring?

“Paraclete” is simply the Greek word transferred into English. The translation of the word in English Versions of the Bible is “Comforter” in the Gospel, and “Advocate” in the Epistle. The Greek word is parakletos, froth the verb parakaleo. The word for “Paraclete” is passive in form, and etymologically signifies “called to one’s side.”

I think we’re all called to each others’ sides to help one another.  In the poem I’m having a conversation with the darkness, then with the light, and finally, with the reader.  This poem would fit well with death-metal guitars and drums backing a harsh vocal alternating with a lyric vocal.  I can almost hear it.

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