Melting and Freezing

“Depression’s hot tongue is licking away at my soul like it’s an ice cream cone, and I feel like I’m melting away inside.”  I made that comment and it sounded like a poem.

Melting and Freezing, 2/16/2016, Deon Mumple

I’m the monster in my own head,
Feared by any under my bed
And the closet monsters are too frightened to
Ever dare to venture my way,
I am too dangerous to play
Games with anyone, but I will play with you
Or are monsters just convenient,
Ways of explaining what God’s sent
Or allowed, answering prayers?  Sorry, if true.

I’m the cage and I’m the jailer,
Trapped between life and my failure,
That’s what everyone would like me to accept:
“All you need’s a little more faith,”
Comments burn, touching cold like wraiths,
And my faith’s not strong enough to intercept
With each day I die a little,
My life story, jots and tittles,
Practicing, so why do I still feel inept?

It’s supposed to be erotic,
and my skin, supposed to be thick,
When a tongue is dancing, licking at my soul,
I am melting while I’m freezing,
Could someone tell me the reason
Why I feel so hot when life leaves me so cold?
I don’t want to be someone else,
I just want Someone to fix this,
Sometime soon, before I’m trapped inside Sheol.


5 thoughts on “Melting and Freezing

    1. meh, I feel what I feel, no way around it but to describe it. If it’s cyclical (and I hope it is), it’ll pass eventually, I just have to get through it. I almost said “hell’s tongue, or maybe “God’s tongue,” but I couldn’t figure out who to blame. If you think of me and smile, it’s gratifying. I smile when I read “Opinionated Man” or someone referencing Jason Cushman.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am also Deon Mumple, El Hombre de la NombreDeLaPluma, Knight of the Realms, Pal(Raising)ADin, Dad (when they want something), Father (when they hate me), Babe (when she wants something), Ass Hole (when she doesn’t), Fucking Ass Hole (when she REALLY doesn’t), Señor Grumples to one of my fans and I love her right back. Do you have any other nicknames? If I’m Jason Cushman how come I don’t get to cash his checks?


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