Hot Damn! I mean, Oh, Shit!!

Followers (includes Publicize)


Holy Crap, I saw it when it happened.  I’m not looking for a million sycophantic followers by any stretch of the imagination, in fact one of my running jokes when I started this blog was that I’d probably offend, or had offended, all 6 of my readers.  Shit.  You all have ruined one of my best jokes, so thanks a lot!!

Thank you to all who shadow, read, enjoy, tolerate, hate, like, dislike, wish I would shut the fuck up, fester, throw bricks at your computer screen at every post, remain silent, or comment, on my blog.

Not that having a million sycophantic followers would be a bad thing necessarily…  I’d love each of you right back.



8 thoughts on “Hot Damn! I mean, Oh, Shit!!

  1. Hallelujer! (I stole it from Oprah who stole it from Medea, probably). I love that word in place of congratulations. (Thank fuck for autocorrect because I spell that wrong ALL. THE. TIME!) Your posts are quite fun and honest and that’s why I stick around. 2 sporks up, dude

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