Deon from A to Z

Deon from A to Z, 2/1/2016, Deon Mumple
(Inspired by the delightful Annie, find her blog here)
Anonymously, I’m Deon, hiding, you only see me
Behind my screen, encouraging, although I’m mostly unseen
Cooking gourmet goodies, breads, experiments amid the mania
Despite my desire to disappear completely, rage sometimes takes me
Everyone thinks I should be, “potentially you could be,”
Frankly, I see, what they see, differently, in my scene,
Got the depression waves, coupled with manic and phobia,
How could they possibly understand, I mean,
I don’t even get why I can’t reach normalcy, being
Just as smart or smarter than the next hundred guys.
Keep your distance, I love you, dismissed, I’m proximally challenged,
Learning is easy, but all that application never quite got hinged,
Maybe today’ll be the day that I can be me, stay home, but
No, because I’ve found this awkward, uncomfortable rut.
Other people embrace change, I endure it, I’m strange,
Pensive despite faith, I’m told it’s unnecessary, life’s scary.
Quirky, sweary, my thought process, attitude, tries
Responsibility, I want it, see the goal, but control is impossible,
Surrender to chaos and loss, wished, but it’s inevitable,
Try again, I get up again, sometimes, then, give up again
Under continual stress, but every now and then
Victory.  I still dread the negative, living in my head
With all these thoughts hiding, how am I not dead?
Xerotic to erotic humor, that’s me, with sarcasm and profanity.
Zen, peace, coexistence, and earthly happiness are most always lies.


5 thoughts on “Deon from A to Z

  1. If I win the lottery before you…I am so hiring you to cook and clean for us. You will be well paid and I will take Mrs. M to spa days so we’re not underfoot…
    Yes, if I win the lottery, hiring a cook and housekeeper are my dream. That, a dish washer, and a fridge with an ice maker/water in the door.

    Platinum plated sporks are overrated, anyway 😉

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  2. Yesterday I got on a chair and changed light bulbs (acrophobia) I knew I wouldn’t die but it didn’t stop me sweating a bit and feeling not a little vertigo when I accidentally looked down. It’s mild enough unless I’m on a ladder. or on a rooftop. Or in a glass elevator, like every day at work, close my eyes and wonder why I didn’t get here early enough to walk the stairs. Thank God the new lights worked so I don’t have to go up again. If I had panicked, I’d have climbed down hugging the chair and then climbed into the liquor cabinet. (as if I had one of those)

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