Poetry Telling Struggles, Discovery

Poetry Telling Struggles, Discovery
1/27/2016, Deon Mumple (Acrostic)

i’m  a wrIter no one knows.
i tell the story, this is How it goes:
we try, Leaving our  pAsts at breakneck speed,
far too Often without The things we know we need,
as the oVerture’s are  Ending before we understand,
going bEyond us, way  before we’re ready, and the band
doesn’t   pause at all,  Leading the dance, we’re breathless,
we can Yell and fight, It’s all the same big mess
if  we  dO, or we cry in Frustrated surrender,
pray,  bUt does  it mattEr?

Does prayer get answered yes at a whimsical discretion,
Making us struggle, even seeking His direction?


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