I Love My Daughter

I haven’t said it enough.  My daughter is a priceless, beautiful, wonderful person who deserves everything good in life.  I pray I have shown her enough in spite of my mood swings and shitty life events and my random fits of rage directed nowhere because I can’t control life.  I pray I have shown her that if and when she gets married, the person she chooses should meet a very high bar of expectation.

She makes me laugh.  She can say the most hilarious random things and bust my laughter wide open, stopping me cold right in the middle of a rage fit.  She makes me cry.  When she’s not happy, my world is darker and I would give my last breath, my blood, my pain, or anything she asked if it would make her feel right again.  When she is sick, my heart feels helpless.  When she is angry I feel responsible and I want to do whatever I can to fix whatever’s wrong.  When she is hungry and wants a specific food I will either cook it for her, or drive to the store to get it, or the ingredients for it.  When she calls me for a ride home, any time of the day or night, I will go get her.  No questions asked.

I’m going to vacuum the carpet I asked her to vacuum two days ago.  I’m going to put away the dishes I asked her to put away yesterday.  I know I’m spoiling her.  And I’m perfectly fine with that.

Note to whoever she picks to marry:  I spoiled her because she deserves to be spoiled.  You need to continue the trend, or you aren’t worthy of her love.

I’m not sorry for spoiling my daughter, and don’t you dare fall short.  Be willing to die for her, be strong enough to live for her, and wait for her, and you’ll prove yourself adequate.

I love my daughter, and if you love her you’ll prove it.  Every day.  All the time.  No matter what.


4 thoughts on “I Love My Daughter

  1. Kudos to you for being a kickass father to your kids. My kid isn’t so lucky which makes me appreciate you all the more. You’re the kind of dad she deserves but I am fairly sure there’s no husband store I can visit and order up a clone of you 😉
    Your kids are very fortunate to have you.


  2. I love you and Spook too. If I could adopt you both I would. And me, I’m nothing special, I was just terrorized (only a little if I haven’t blacked it out) at a very early age by older sisters and mum, and a dad who didn’t take shit or tolerate anyone handing mum shit. Find one who believes in chivalrous sacrifice and true romantic love. And who’s fucking RICH, because being poor sucks ass.~DM


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