Another Random Something

Random words:

  1. potato.
  2. tendency.
  3. spiritual.
  4. disagreeable.
  5. applaud.
  6. fade.
  7. important.
  8. railway.
  9. labored.
  10. tough.
  11. underwear.
  12. fax.

I like the idea, so I’m trying here again:

Flirting, 1/19/2016, Deon Mumple

She found the thought of “going out” quite disagreeable,
So they both rode the railway to her flat.
She made potato soup, they dined, un-labored at the table
And spoke of unimportant things, and fat.
They ate, drank, talked, smiled and laughed until both of them felt full

He agreed to the tendency of aging weight loss: tough
Applauding her achievement with a “wow!”
Then saying that the body image scam had hurt enough
People suffering their disorders now,
They both laughed, confessing that of late, they’d become more “fluff”

He waxed spiritual, saying “our youth is doomed to fade,”
With a grin and a deliberate stare,
He flirtatiously said, “so, the bed’s already been made…”
“So tell me, what colour’s your underwear?”
“I’ll fax a photo,” said his coy conquest. “Goodnight!  It’s late.”


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