Objectifying & Advertising

Objectifying & Advertising, 1/18/2016, Deon Mumple

There’s no face on the image if they don’t want it there,
It makes it less painful for the buyer when they stare
At the body, not a mannequin or wo-mannequin
The fingers click the keys,  the eyes committing passive sin,
Wishing to understand why what they have seems not quite real
Wasting time looking for true love that they can’t feel,
A perfect body image is bought and sold, caveat emptor
The dream becomes a wish devoutly to be wished for
The buyer doesn’t have to buy the advertised product,
Instead they get a daydream that leaves them corrupt,
Daydreams don’t ever explain themselves or apologize,
Eventually even faces are objects to seared hearts and dull eyes.
We buy a feeling without feeling we’ve been diminished
As the dis-ease slowly kills us, changing what is wished
The heart feels the pain of sin and can’t really repent,
And it’s all a bizarre slow-motion accident.


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