My Big Lottery Acrostic Announcements

  1.  SHIT!  And that is for the record.
  2.  Oh well!
  3.  Realistically, I only had a 1 in 292 or so MILLION, I had as much hope as the next person.
  4.  Right, well, back to work.  Fuck.  I REALLY REALLY wanted to win, and if not me then
  5.  You.  If you won, hook me up with two dental implants maybe?  Oh and if you follow my blog I’ve got a friend who needs a new car.  Those were the first things I’d have bought if I won.

7 thoughts on “My Big Lottery Acrostic Announcements

  1. I thought about you yesterday when i was in line behind someone buying a bunch of lottery tickets. Bummer you didn’t, kudos for taking it in stride.
    And platonic kiss on the cheek for throwing my plight into the cosmos, maybe a 67 Pegacorn will arrive at my doorstep 😉

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  2. Yeah unlike those who bought like 50 tickets, or 3 or four or 10, I only bought 1 per drawing when it was over $500M. Gotta keep investing in the dream though, or it can’t come true. A kiss on the cheek is a great consolation prize, thanks! 4 was the biggest let down, having to go back to work just sucks. I’ve got retirement investments, just not $800M of them.


  3. Btw, you’ve been on here for about a year and no gravatar. I vote gravatar. Sucks about having to go back to work (you obviously don’t fancy it there). You always have your broccoli salad! *kidding*

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    1. The old Meatloaf song says it best, “I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that!” Or maybe I’ll take a picture of something meaningful to me and post that as my picture. A long time ago someone asked and I offered something but it was crap. Perhaps I can zero in on my eyes somehow without disclosing my secret identity. ::flaps cape dramatically, disappears into the mist::

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