Her Beauty

Her Beauty, 1/14/2016, Deon Mumple

There was something in her eyes that held me captive in their light,
The flicker of her inner strength, her grief, her pain, her fight,
A shadow of her once-shed tears, her loneliness at night,

I saw everything:  a soul who struggled, mirroring my own,
Was it just her humanity?  (We’re all just flesh and bone.)
Or was it me perceiving things no one else would have known?

If I played my love song for her would she ever hear a note?
If I wrote her a poem would she believe what I wrote?
Or were I to approach her, would she be my asymptote?

I saw the kindness, humor, purpose, and hope that always tries,
I felt the self-doubt under those pretending, “I’m tough” eyes,
I knew that she had loved and lost, and lost, to someone’s lies.

She was so beautiful I fell in hopeless love, so, so far,
I could never escape her, like gravity from a star,
And how could someone hurt her? The thought seemed beyond bizarre.

I saw soul-deep scarring she hid, never trusting, so deeply,
I wanted to protect her in my arms, eternally,
I prayed that she would heal, and that her healing would be me.

Now my eyes have been opened, I know all of us are the same:
We’re wild animals inside, hurting, wanting to be tamed,
Hoping to find the love that heals us.  It’s in Jesus’ name.


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