The Day Before I Won

The Day Before I Won, 1/12/2016, Deon Mumple

Today’s the day before I won a billion dollar prize,
When I find out I win the prize, you should have seen my eyes:
First wide with shock, then full of tears, then grave with responsibility

The day before I won the prize nobody knew my name,
And life went on just as before, the incredibly same,
I wished that I could help a few friends, once I could finally help me,

The day before, I bought one ticket, standing in the line,
There was a chance in a billion the numbers drawn would be mine
Today I’m just another nobody, so who cares?  But tomorrow I won,

The day after, I sat at home, lingering in my bed,
With thoughts of things that I might do, like rockets in my head,
Today I plod through the same old routine, but then, I’m having some fun.


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