RIP Mr. David Robert Jones

RIP, Mr. David Robert Jones, 1/12/2016, Deon Mumple
(My Tribute to David Bowie)

The faces said he died yesterday,
I went to work in my usual way,
“Floating” “peculiar” through my paces, and then,
I said goodbye in my usual way.

I listened to the music man.
Loved the sound, his style, I’m just another fan
As usual, I didn’t cry, but then
When the music stopped, I felt a deep empty span.

I’m tired of so many goodbyes,
Life is so short, but everybody tries
They do their best, they fade, and then
Everybody up and dies.

But thank you for showing me there’s joy
In being an oddity of a boy
Making all my odd friends and I seem more normal when
We’re odd together for each other to enjoy.


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