Silly Game

I went here and got a list of random words with the goal of using all of them in a poem.  I’ll have to go back and see if I can figure out if the list is truly random.  I felt like I’d been all too bogged down in my own head and I needed to play a silly game to relieve my own tension.  I think there’s a word for that somewhere out there if I could put my fingers on it…   But here’s the list the site handed me:


Here’s my poem thread and thought process.

I started here and abandoned effort because I hated where it was going:

His brain reeled with prejudicial ponderance,
Either against, or upon, prejudice,
He was unable to figure out which.
Even though it was his own chronic mental itch,
How he wished he could see, clear as day,
Where privilege lie, or selfishness demanded privilege lay,

See what a horrible direction that’s going?  It’s too heavy, it’s dying before it even starts. Sure, there’s potential in the ideas, but [uuuggggghhhh!!!] it’s going to require such an effort to drag it out of its’ own muddiness (not to mention using all the words in the list, and there’s no rhyme scheme or meter.  So, try, try again.  Instead of going with an internal monologue at which I foresaw disaster, I went with a dialogue ending with hope and maybe love.  Love doesn’t care whether you disagree on some unimportant issue, it just loves.  And with that in mind, I got a better end product,  aabccb with 5-5-10-5-5-10 syllable structure.  Although I have no idea what to call it, it’s *much* better than the first try.  Let me know what you think! I’ll be excited to read your comments.

Banter, 1/06/2016, Deon Mumple

Their conversation
Crashed from elation:
“Remind me then, why did we even start?”
“I beg forgiveness
For my prejudice,”
He said, almost in rhythm with her heart,
His eyes were entrapped,
Willingly captive,
His fingers accidentally dipped in sauce
Out loud, she laughed as
His eyes left hers, and
Her heart secretly sad, at something lost
She, craving their touch:
“Sanity is such
A stupid thing to have when one craves dreams!
Reports are so dull:
Opinions, schedules
Can figure themselves out! Your eyes just gleam!”
“I so love your mind!
Emotion, design…
The way you laugh even though it’s at me,”
“If brains can re-code
When hearts wish, erode,
I’ll teach yours to love mine, logically.”


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