He Loves You

I write in the vernacular, a drag
Sometimes I sigh or silently I sag
With life and with stupidity
I strive, make it less complicated though
I throw complexity out my window
To speak simply of chemistry

If I just said I love you, you would think
One too many, or, needs another, drink
How then should truth be spoken? True
Love’s a landmine fraught with complexity:
What does he offer, what’s he want from me?
You ask, poor little frightened, you.

I want the moon and stars, and the planets,
That’s about as demanding as it gets,
But if you can’t, your heart will do.
If I had aught to give, as offerings…
Alas, but as the antihero sings,
“Love me, that’s all I ask of you.”


2 thoughts on “He Loves You

  1. thanks very much! Yeah, I love you all, but Mrs. M got to me first. Not to mention I scare the fuck out of ALL of you, especially my favorite vodka drinking vessel, still waiting on that opportunity. I was just trying my hand at Sylvia Plath’s form from the post on beachpickings.. https://beachpickings.wordpress.com/2016/01/04/love-is-a-parallax-sylvia-plath/ I love Sylvia Plath but I think maybe she scares me even more than Mrs M. Thanks again, and thanks everybody!~DM


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