Cool Cutting

(Alliterative for 1/3, Letter C)

Cool Cutting, 1/3/2016, Deon Mumple


The needle makes the smallest cuts,
The skin embracing every dot,
Each cut a scream of joyous pain,
As ink blots join like a Monet,

Pain brings its’ familiar feeling,
And feeling finally has meaning

Each pain is injurious artistic release,
Of a beasts captivity, temporarily ceased
In the community of cool cutting
One addiction satisfies another craving

Pain brings its’ familiar feeling
And feeling finally shows its’ meaning.


2 thoughts on “Cool Cutting

  1. This is a very evocative poem. I hope you are talking about tatooing here but it really reminded me of when I used to self-harm which I started when I was 11 and only stopped six years ago. I stopped because the last two times I self-harmed I did it really badly and then had a psychiatric relapse feeling like a demon was possessing my brain and forcing me to kill myself. The relapse was so frightening I’ve never self-harmed since then.

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    1. You read it right. I think tattooing is elegant and a less harmful way of feeling pain if one needs pain to feel something. Glad you are still with us. There’s enough death without suicide, enough pain without cutting, but I completely understand both addictions and cutting. I would recommend tattooing as an alternative to cutting any time. With tattooing, you’re left with art, and not just the scars.


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