Starting at the End

The dark of 11:59 matches the dark of midnight,
The beginning is the same as the end,
There’s nothing new under the sun or twilight,
And straight looks the same as a bend,

It means nothing, contributed or hoarded,
Blessings wasted on all the undeserving,
Or a life of curses that can ill be afforded,
Sadness equals happiness, all discouraging,

Life’s only equalizer is blood.

When nothing lasts, and everything is temporary
Feeling equally passionate in love or with hate
Only destruction comes with an ironclad guarantee
And we all need it now but we have to wait

You can have what you want if you know how
I have only learned too high a price has to be paid
Life is a blade, slow-butchering me like a cow.
I’ve been played, I prayed while life frayed

The only  worthy sacrifice is blood.

All I feel is the empty hype; nothing is worthwhile
The dark of 11:59 matches the dark of midnight
Pain equals oblivion, shrouds, the new style
End is beginning, surrender is fight,

It’s all the same, all pain, when nothing counts
When it doesn’t matter what I say or do
I used to believe, now even my faith has doubts
When I’m not even convinced I matter to you

In the end nothing counts, not even blood.

Tired of the race everyone has to run
Can we lose any more than what we’ve won?
Tired of the emptiness, tired and no fun
The end is the beginning, the end has begun.


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