Surprised by a mellow but loud Christmas

They know how I like to be able to hear myself over the loud relatives, so they got me headphones. We drove to the in-laws and I’ve stayed somehow perfectly distanced so far. I had a nap. It’s been a shockingly nice Christmas.

If any of you live vicariously through my blog (poor poor things), you’ve had a nearly perfect day, other than the panic attack driving on the highway, especially through the construction and the turns, and the construction on the turns. I just hate the concrete walls.

Arrived safely at the in-laws and stayed the fuck away from everyone as much as I could. No triggers except the loud “talking.” They’re not fighting, really, they’re just talking fucking louder than anyone else I know on the planet. And only grandpa has hearing aids.

There are kids opening presents. how magical. Can’t wait to be home,but being here isn’t so bad.

Merry Christmas, everybody!


One thought on “Surprised by a mellow but loud Christmas

  1. Did I mention how much I love Mariah Carey’s voice? I’d swear about how beautiful she is, and her voice, but that would be blasphemy. She’s the closest thing to an angel singing I’ve EVER heard. Thanks to my family for comfy headphones, and thank you @mariahcarey for giving me something worth hearing in them. I can’t express it adequately. In the modern vernacular, kids, I’m crushing on her voice so hard I can barely stand to keep listening.

    That should prove my point well enough. Mmmmmmmmm.


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