Misty, 12/21/2015, Deon Mumple

The weather today feels like the thing
hovering, slowly circling,
Cold, damp, dark, and
hitting me at rand-
om, still soft so far,
but no less annoying.

Closer now, feeling like
A shower-curtain’s vinyl,
Stop touching me!
There’s no escaping,
No corner to crawl into
To press myself in, to
get away, no place to hide.

Circling my brain, the alien presence
Will eat me from the inside
Secretly wearing my skin
I’m screaming in a cage
I’ll watch from somewhere deep,
Controlling but not controlled,
Fighting to hide the rage
As the pain becomes my essence

The deep sadness of being,
Is the thing I’m feeling,
Now orbiting, now inside my soul,
Cold, damp, dark, and
Hitting me at rand-
om, harder, closer, feel it breathing
Its’ spikes now extending
Like a soul-shaped iron maiden.


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