Wow, the places that see my dreck…

WordPress can sometimes really kick ass (in a good way).  Wonder if people who see my stuff actually like it?

Naaah, that’s not possible.  They might say they do, but I suspect the truth would hurt my feelings, which is why they’re so kind as to not say it.

I’ve been trying hard to write to distract myself from the impending downward spiral, what comes out in my writing during that time is a lot of crap if I have time, a little crap if I have a little time, and occasionally some bad poetry.

Why there are still people who still read is beyond me.  I’m sinking into a shithole, I can feel it but right now I’m only up to my ankles.

But somehow, in the process, I’ve attracted really GOOD poets to read my stuff, so maybe it’s not all bad.  (yeah, you, poets, I’m talking about YOU- you are awesome and I’m glad 1) you write, because it’s awesome and 2) you noticed me and that means I get to follow you and read something worthwhile and 3) you read my stuff because it encourages me to try harder to write something a little higher quality than, well, crap.  And somehow in the process, I’ve managed to get a few really awesome bloggers who watch out for me, you know who you are and I love you all.  Yeah, the mushy stuff is symptomatic, but when I’m up to my eyes or over my head in it, all bets are off.

It’s been a nice run of not feeling like fuck-all, and I hope it lasts a little longer than I think it will.


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