This Year’s Christmas List

This Years Christmas List, 12/8/2015, Deon Mumple

What I want for Christmas doesn’t all come from stores,
I want a few intangibles, a few settled scores,
Can I please have a few prayers answered just for me,
And just a few more for my friends and my family?

I don’t want anything too selfish or too grand,
But I do have just a few enormous dreams and plans,
If one or two of these little things could come true
Then I could spend a very happy Christmas with you:

Of course I want an old fashioned peace to break out,
A peace that lasts so long the news reports are about
People doing nice things, instead of all the bad,
Trying to make people happier, instead of sad.

I’d also like my friends to find stability,
Gift wrapped happiness, hope and love, straight from God and me,
Because the holidays aren’t all comfort and joy,
And families don’t all love, and some downright annoy,

And memories can break us down and make us cry,
They leave us wanting answers, I’d settle for knowing why.
But I’d rather build up memories that are good to think of:
Of family, and good friends,  security, and love.

This Christmas, looks like instead of snow there’ll be rain,
War, hate and fear fill up the news, people’s tears and pain,
I wish it could be different, instead of worse.
As through it all, church choirs seem to ignore and rehearse,

The “Good will to men” story of long, long ago
Needs a new chapter written, and then it needs to grow
As one good turns another that turns other turns
Until we finally see each other, care, and learn

I need good things, laughter, fewer reasons for rage,
We need heroes, not villains, working somewhere off stage,
I need time to finish up some personal goals,
If I can, a chance to encourage discouraged souls.

Some love and friendship is all I have to gift wrap,
It’s subtle, small, unnoticed amid the Christmas crap,
But I’ll give now and when I can, the new year through,
To people I learn to care about- perhaps, to you.


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