A Brilliant Blogger: Edmond Sanganyado

Hi All,

I suck at blogging on the weekends.  Too many things to catch up on, like sleep for one, (as if that’s going to happen), and house chores for a dozen or thirty others.  Since 1) I suck at weekend blogging, 2) I wish I could write something meaningful and spiritual and rational but my writing in general is faithless and foolish, and 3) I wish I could devote the time to writing my own articles but the filth in and the chaos around my house grows out of control unless I willfully attempt to beat it to death regularly, here’s one by another blogger:


His name is Edmond Sanganyado and I think his answers are worthwhile reading.  He shows good sense.  He’s writing to an audience of non-Christ-followers or people who claim to be Christ-followers but have a critical (if ignorant) spirit about certain common questions.  And his answers are much more gentle and logical than mine would be.

I’m just what he doesn’t want to call a “bad Christian.”  See, for question # 8, my answer would be, I don’t give a rat’s ass if someone wants to practice their religion as long as it doesn’t involve human sacrifice (beheadings, shootings) or breaking one of the commandments I hold sacred(, which begs the question which commandments I hold sacred- what a can of worms THAT would be).  And I’m first to say that as a Christ follower, my expectation of the world is that sinners are going to sin, which includes everyone, which includes me, so I don’t expect your perfection and you shouldn’t expect mine.  This to me is the very definition of grace.  And, with all that being said, if I am going to allow you to do whatever you want in the name of your religion, I expect to be extended the same courtesy thank you very much.  If I am not allowed, then you shouldn’t be either.  So if there’s going to be a unit on Muslim religious beliefs, customs and traditions during Ramadan, for instance, there should be a unit on Christian religious beliefs, traditions and customs during Christmas or Easter, just to be fair.  And Jewish, and Hindu and Shinto and Satanist and Cthulu and Flying Spaghetti Monster, and whoever else wants representation.  Bring it, the kids will be able to take it home and sort it out, but don’t indoctrinate them to one and not teach them others.  Just like theories in science- there’s your Evolutionist Theory of Origins, and there’s your Christian Theory of Genesis.  We weren’t there to know how it happened, our science makes suggestions, but nothing is proven as Scientific Law like Thermodynamics for example.

But I wasn’t going to write.  I’m stopping now so you can read Edmond’s erudite article.  Go and have a pleasant Sunday.  Questions should go to Edmond, but if you must have my opinion you may ask and I may answer (or I may not).  Be nice AND Have fun.  It’s possible to do both.


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