My Blog is a Bird

My Blog is a Bird, 12/3/2015, Deon Mumple

My blog is a bird going up to the sky
My bird, freely flipped up, and now flying high
It goes where it goes and it sings what it sings
It speaks honestly with fairness on its’ wings

Where truth has been hard to take, disrespected,
Where love has just accepted, left lies uncorrected,
In flies my bird, offering both to all
Where truth with love fails, the bird sings a signal:

My bird doesn’t care if you listen or not,
Or if reading leaves you ice cold or hot,
If you like what you see then tell all of your friends,
If you don’t, hear the bird call. My bird now descends.

Thank you to for this delightfully tactful, but apt, image, I hope you don’t mind my borrowing it.  Also, thank you to Opinionated Man Jason Cushman for the topic inspiration.


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