Christmas Crap

Christmas Crap, 12/2/2015, Deon Mumple

My family still appreciates the wonder of it all,
The seasons we celebrate near the end of Fall,
It’s Thanksgiving, thank God, but it sure would be nice
If I knew we could afford the turkey dinner instead of rice.

Thank God Thanksgiving is finally over and done,
I bought a lottery ticket, wishing I’d already won,
The bills don’t get smaller and the paychecks don’t grow.
Let me get through Christmas crap; sorry, holidays all blow.

The stars and the Christmas lights all give a merry twinkle,
The Grinch is the only one I like, not Jolly old Chris Kringle,
Stupid story even messes him up at the end,
It’s Christmas crap again!  Wish I could afford the presents.

At the end of it all the trash is tossed, boxes get re-stuffed; it’s old.
I might have cried at a hopeful message, just because my heart’s still cold.
I’m still tired and poor after I hoped and tried hard this past year again,
Only to have reality crush my heart and laugh, “Deon, fuck you.  You can’t win.”

Can I have some Christmas magic, some Christmas hope and cheer?
Can I hear an entire news programme without gloom and despair?
I’m tired of false hope; it’s worse than having no hope at all.
I’m tired of praying when it’s clear that there’s no answer to my call.

Somehow I know we’ll make it through and there’ll be another one,
The wife and kids will get all the crap out, because it’s so much fun.
I’ll listen to my Christmas demons laughing all over once more,
And we’ll still be short of cash, but they’ll all go out to the store.


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