Black Friday Blues

I told La Sabrosona I was going to do this.  So here goes.

Black Friday Blues, 11/27/2015, Deon Mumple

In Spanish, they got pain, and their word for it’s “Dolor.”
In pretty-sounding Spanish, they say pain__ is “Dolor.”
I got a word in English, my word for it is “dollar.”
I got a wife who can squeeze my wallet, so hard, make it holler.
Today’s “Black Friday,”
And I’d say
They’re one the same.

Here’s why: Black Friday’s givin’ me the blues.

Won’t you come home soon, my sweet thang, are you comin’ back to bed?
It’s too early to be shopping, let’s do… something else instead,
I got ideas for you baby, that don’t involve a credit card,
Ideas for you baby, because life treats me so hard,
Can’t you stay?
Oh, my baby__,
Stay, stay, stay…

My wife, she’s gone and left me, left me home alone today,
The wife, she’s gone and left me, got to go to work all day
She’s spending all my cash, and leavin’ me, I got bills to pay
The bed was cold and lonely, no breakfast comin’ my way,
Today’s “Black Friday,”
But I alread(a)y__
Got bills to pay

And that’s why “Black” Friday’s givin’ me the blues.

She’s spending like it’s Christmas, I’m ’bout 20 years in debt,
She’s spending up next Christmas, I’m already worked to death,
I’m workin’ for the weekend, gonna drink and cry I bet,
The whiskey’s done run out, I’ll have to drink water instead,
On my Saturday
Because I
Got bills to pay.

And in case that’s not blues enough, here’s one of my favorites:


And one more:

One thought on “Black Friday Blues

  1. Well done! Like that play on words. Boo for the blues. We turn up our noses at Black Friday. That’s what happens when you’re broke.


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