The News

I commented yesterday on the Twitter that I shut off the news from Indianapolis twice because the repetition offended me.  Here’s a report of the news and my disgust at how it was reported:

THE NEWS, 11/24/2015, Deon Mumple

The body was placed in a clean plastic bag,
On a gurney, because it seemed rude to just drag,
Looking peaceful and pale as all corpses seem to,
After trauma and death that belied this calm view.
When the coroner saw her, with clinical eye,
He observed evidence, and did not even cry,
Though the signs told his eyes what had happened to her,
In the moments before the woman was murdered.

When the news got ahold of the grisly report,
It seemed like they tried hard to be grim and distort,
With an emphasis on the part where “she was raped!
Criminals are still at large and may have escaped.
You’re not safe in your homes, you’re not safe anywhere,
And we’re here to report, and insure you are scared.
Here’s the grieving family, how are you feeling?”
Are you kidding me?  Leave them alone!  They’re dealing

With an intensely personal, traumatic loss,
You’re gouging at their pain, treating blood like hot sauce,
To add spice to your news report, you sick sadists,
It’s no wonder so many need good therapists.
The news feeds on blood, broken bones, fighting, death,
Drugs, disaster, rape, robbery, it’s like their breath,
It’s only grown worse, growing up, always will. Still,
I wish far less glory were given to evil.

2 thoughts on “The News

  1. I don’t watch much tv, and seeing as how I live in Indianapolis I have zero clue about what’s going on. Which-to me-is being ignorant. I am only protecting my fragile brain from the ugliness of the world. And you have it right when you say they feed off the worst.


  2. Brilliant writing. Hmm you think that’s bad, in Mexico the newspapers show photos of the mangled bodies in accidents. There’s no censorship. I hate that.


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