The Perfect Woman

The Perfect Woman, Deon Mumple, 10/8/2015

She isn’t a size double-zero, as it happens she’s a tall double-two.
And her feet aren’t a perfect size nine, but they fit inside her shoes,
Her hair sometimes shines a little more, as the sunlight glints white or grey,
Her face shows concerns, love, and wisdom, but I’d stare into those eyes all day.

The world says she’s not a perfect ten, but who are they, when she’s my wife?
By that scale I’d say she’s an eleven, with real curves not cut by a knife.
If she wore a plain muddy shirt and sweatpants, I would still notice
What I notice, and addicted, I would still crave one more kiss.

Sometimes she wears makeup and dresses, and Revlon colors her hair,
But I’ve let her know that that is her show, if she didn’t, I really wouldn’t care
Sometimes she makes me work my tail off, because she’s just too tired,
But she loves me, I love her completely, and that’s how poetry is inspired.


2 thoughts on “The Perfect Woman

    1. wonder what she’d say if I let her in on this blog’s existence… but then, that’s why I hide in this bunker! sometimes i share what i write and she does the half-blush, the eye roll, the whatever, the that’s just what he does, and sometimes she says thanks. and that’s what I say too, minus the eye roll and the rest: thanks, very glad you enjoyed it.

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