One Nation, under lockdown, with control issues and imbalanced concepts of justice, for all.

I’ve heard more inane rambling today by the news media about various random idiots with guns shooting random citizens than I can stand.  The rambling that offends me is when they start delving into the topics of mental illness and gun control.  And of course, the public eats all that up, especially if they want gun control, and/or need a reason why someone would shoot someone other than they wanted to shoot someone.

First, let’s address the issue of undefined “mental illness.”  It’s a grey area, the way they start rambling, and they never really say exactly what they mean, or they don’t know what they mean.  Fuck that, I’ve got a mental illness but I don’t want to hurt other people.  The uninformed news media needs to define what they mean by mental illness, with specific delineation, or shut the fuck up.  Otherwise, the kneejerk reaction is to just say, “Henceforth and forevermore, nobody with any kind of ‘mental illness’ diagnosis is allowed to register to own a legally obtained gun.”

Saying “I have a mental illness,” does not equal saying “I am crazy,” nor does it equal saying “I am likely to shoot my family and my neighbors and random people.”  While shooting someone may be the result of a psychotic break, it may also be the result of being an idiot, or a criminal, or both.  Shooting someone is not necessarily the product of a mental illness.  Shooting someone is  an incorrect method, and a poor behavior choice, for conflict resolution.  Especially when the one you’re shooting at has nothing to do with the conflict.

Our latest shooter is dead, as with many before him, so there is no way to get an honest answer as to motive.  Maybe the girlfriend/boyfriend broke up with him.  Maybe he just wanted to go out in a blaze of asinine self-defined “glory.”  Maybe he hated people of a certain persuasion and felt like he was making a contribution to society.  Maybe the next shooter lost his job, or felt desperate, or got his jollies by watching people bleed and die.  Fuck ALL those “justifications,” they all stink.  With my apologies to his family, who will most likely be offended by my comment, the biggest contribution that he made was his own exit, because there’s no justification for these actions.

For some reason, random criminals from South Carolina (Emmanuel AME) to Oregon (Umpqua Community College) and everywhere in between, are killing people.  The ass from South Carolina lived, he hates Black Christians, he’s guilty as fuck, and he still gets a fair trial.  The ass from Oregon did not live, he allegedly hated Christian college students and teachers.  The ass from the movie theater probably wanted to be a super villain.  And their families are saying “he was all good and [they] don’t understand.”  Sounds like every other family of an idiot who shot people.  Even the gang members’ family says that bullshit after the mugging or store robbery or murder goes down.  All the shooters are, are asses, who are committing premeditated murder.

These are not spontaneous actions.  These are highly orderly, planned-out actions:  stockpile weapon(s), stockpile ammunition, choose target(s), attend facility/business, execute plan.

You can hate anyone you want, that’s your right.  But you can’t shoot them just because you hate them.  If you think you can kill someone you arbitrarily decided to hate, with your own personal logical reasonings (here read: stupidity) or random predilections, you are the same as any murderous dictator or murderous social group.  We’ve seen them in the past, and we have one or two in the modern era, deciding who lives or dies based on how much they suck up to them or speak the “right” buzz words.  I hate dumbasses, bullies, and criminals, especially murderers, spouse abusers, and child abusers, but I don’t feel I have the right, or the obligation, to shoot anyone.

Next let’s address the issue of guns themselves.  According to a constitutional amendment, citizens have a right in America to own them, but with the right comes the responsibility of registering and learning how to properly use them.  I don’t own a gun because I don’t like them and because I know accidents sometimes happen, but I know a few responsible gun owners and their kids.  They are very conscientious.  These people are not the problem, so regulating their guns makes no logical sense.  These people are who I would call on if a shooter was active and they were closer than the cops.  These people, with their carry permits, or their concealed carry permits, are the ones I would count on to get to the shooter after he or she takes down 1 or 2 people, and before he takes down 9 and reloads.  The criminal is going to get a gun if he or she wants to.  There’s not really a way to stop that, because regulations only affect the law-abiding.  Criminals will steal it or make it or buy it online or at an auction or gun show, or borrow it from someone.

In Chicago, they regulate guns in an ill-conceived attempt to eliminate them.  Which means, the only people who shoot other people are criminals with their illegal guns, and the law-abiding citizens have no defense.  In other cities, the lady with the pistol in her purse who defends her family and the shop owner against the mugger or robber is a hero.  If I had a gun I would be sure to register legally, practice regularly, and pray more because I’d never want to feel required to use it.  But, presuming I don’t go out and get a gun to learn how to safely use, if I were in a situation like these poor people in the church, or the movie theater, or the school campus, I would want someone to be my hero and put the animal down.  Quickly.

If you’re a criminal, or an idiot, or a little of both, bent on causing death or injury to others, try it on yourself first, and after you shoot yourself in the head, if you still think it’s ok to do it to someone else, try again on yourself and then, don’t do it to anyone else.  And if you’re in the press, before you go shooting your mouth off about something you don’t fully understand because the implications go far beyond what you’re saying, or something you don’t fully define because of some more socially controlling agenda you want to grind in everyone’s faces, please just shut it.


4 thoughts on “One Nation, under lockdown, with control issues and imbalanced concepts of justice, for all.

  1. This is one of the many reasons why the “mental illness” route has seemed unsatisfactory. It feels like a cop-out. It’s a good direction away from just taking people’s guns away, but it doesn’t feel like nearly enough. Looking at “mental illness” – which, as you pointed out, is too vague – is still so shallow. There are so many other variables to look at, but it’s not sexy enough for the media: “Guns and crazy people – run for your lives!”

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  2. Very well written DM. I know I can never legally carry a gun because of my diagnosis-which isn’t really fair because I am a law abiding citizen and I don’t want to use it unless completely necessary-say, like, protecting my children in our home.
    The fact media vilifies and glorifies “mental illness” as the “reason” for so-and-so to go and shoot up lord knows what is asinine. Like moose and Michelle said-it’s a cop-out. People are stupid. There are people I hate, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to take my dad’s shot gun and off them. That’s where karma comes it.
    I think that the media needs to take a more PRO-ACTIVE response to the situations instead of a REACTIVE respond that then causes panic in general public.
    And if someone wants a gun bad enough-they’ll find a a way. Gun control only take from the law abiding and hands it to the criminals.


  3. Most murderers are simply sociopathic.They have no empathy, no conscience, and no med can fix that. To me, those are the dangerous people. That charming guy at the office with the nice smile…probably kills hookers for sport. That cute little gal in human resources who seems so sweet…likely has a history of assaulting people. The fourteen year old baby faced kid…Likely he shoots people for sport.

    No mental illness. Just people without conscience.


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